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The Making of an Unlikely Movie Star 🎬

The Making of an Unlikely Movie Star 🎬

Meet WaterRower — the sleek machine that rose to unexpected stardom in the acclaimed series, House of Cards! Remember when Claire Underwood gifted Frank with one? Yep, that's the one! But here's the kicker: its presence went above and beyond the role of a humble rowing machine; throughout the series, when Frank sweated his stress out on the rower, purging his sins of the day, the WaterRower meant to symbolise power, control, and determination, mirroring the traits of the show's protagonist, Frank Underwood (google it). Sounds intense, right? But don't worry, we promise you won't need to engage in political manoeuvring to enjoy it!
Each WaterRower is meticulously handcrafted from solid American hardwood sourced from replenish-able forests and matures gracefully over time. Walnut with its signature chocolate-brown coloration, Cherry with its reddish-brown hue, or the natural charm of solid Oak, are premium hardwoods with incredible longevity and dimensional stability. All woods are treated with three coats of Danish Oil for a deep luster and brilliant finish - a masterpiece designed to elevate your fitness experience.
A replication of the real rowing experience, like resistance, splashing sound of water, and physical benefits. This rowing machine aesthetically complements interior furnishing, for users to have a welcoming emotional connection, as is common with favored furniture and art.
Incredibly easy to use and store upright. With its intuitive design and smooth operation, rowing becomes a seamless and enjoyable activity for users of all levels. When not in use, simply stand it upright to save space, making it perfect for any home gym or fitness space. Enjoy hassle-free workouts and effortless storage with the WaterRower.
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إعادة النظر في جريك: ثلاثة أسباب للتحول إلى المشايات اليدوية

إعادة النظر في جريك: ثلاثة أسباب للتحول إلى المشايات اليدوية

٣ أسباب مقنعة للتحول إلى الاستخدام اليدوي

١. بدون كهرباءفي أي وقت وبدون الحاجة لمصدر كهربائي هذا الجهاز جاهز للاستخدام مثل البدوي الذي يجد مكانه بسهولة في أي مكان من غرفة المعيشة إلى الهدوء المطلق في غرفة النوم إنه الرفيق الصديق للبيئة والبطل الحقيقي لرحلتك نحو اللياقة البدنية المستدامة يوفر لك الحرية والمرونة ويثبت أن أفضل الأشياء في الحياة قد تكون تلك التي لا تتطلب التوصيل بالكهرباء.

٢. بدون صيانةهذا ليس مجرد جهاز للتمارين الرياضية إنه استثمار طويل الأمد بفضل الهندسة الألمانية الفائقة وتصميمه القوي ومتانته التي لا مثيل لها أصبحت صيانة أجزاء الحزام والمحرك والمكونات الإلكترونية شيئا من الماضي مما يتيح لك التركيز بشكل كامل على الاستمتاع بتجربة الجري.

٣. تجربة جري أكثر طبيعيةتجربة الجري على هذا الجهاز ليست كأي تجربة أخرى تم تصميمه بشكل يحاكي حركة الجري في الهواء الطلق مما يجعل التمرين عليه مغامرة ديناميكية تشرك كل عضلة في جسمك وتدفعك لبذل المزيد من الجهد والجري بشكل أسرع والوصول إلى أبعد الحدود.

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Mastering the Art of Shuffleboard
The Rules of the Game

Mastering the Art of Shuffleboard<br>The Rules of the Game

Shuffleboard, a game that traces its roots back to 15th-century England, has gained immense popularity and become a staple in bars, cruise ships, and backyard gatherings. With its combination of skill, strategy, and friendly competition, shuffleboard has captured the hearts of players worldwide. In this blog post, we'll delve into the rules of shuffleboard and equip you with the knowledge to become a true shuffleboard champion!

1. Objective

The ultimate goal of shuffleboard is to score more points than your opponent. To achieve this, players take turns sliding weighted pucks down a long and narrow playing surface, aiming to land them in specific scoring areas while preventing their opponents from doing the same.

2. Equipment

Shuffleboard requires a few essential components:
- Shuffleboard Table. A smooth, rectangular playing surface, typically made of wood or synthetic materials, featuring a scoring diagram at each end.
- Pucks: Disc-shaped weights, usually made of metal or plastic, with a smooth bottom surface for optimal sliding.
- Wax or Silicone Spray: Applied to the playing surface to reduce friction and ensure a smooth glide for the pucks.
- Scoreboard: Used to keep track of the points earned by each player or team.

3. Game Setup

Before diving into the game, it's important to set up the shuffleboard table correctly. Here's how:
- Divide the table into two equal halves using a line known as the "baseline."
- At each end of the table, mark the scoring diagram, typically divided into multiple scoring zones, with the highest-scoring area located furthest from the baseline.
- Place the pucks on the baseline, alternating the colors between players or teams.

4. Gameplay

Now that the stage is set, it's time to shuffle! Here's a breakdown of the gameplay:
- Determine who goes first through a coin toss or any agreed-upon method.
- The first player shoots a puck, aiming to land it within the scoring area.
- The opposing player then takes their turn, sliding their puck and attempting to knock their opponent's puck out of the scoring zone while aiming for a higher score themselves.
- Players alternate turns until all pucks have been played.
- After scoring each round, the player or team with the highest score takes the last shot in the following round.
- Scoring is calculated by counting the pucks that have completely crossed the scoring zone lines, with higher-scoring areas yielding more points.

5. Fouls and Penalty Rules

To maintain fairness and ensure a competitive spirit, shuffleboard has a few fouls and penalty rules to keep in mind:
- Off-The-Table Penalty: If a puck fails to reach the scoring area or completely crosses the baseline, it is removed from play, and no points are awarded.
- Hanger Penalty: If a puck hangs off the edge of the table without touching the ground, it is removed from play, and no points are awarded.
- Knock-Off Penalty: If a player knocks their opponent's puck off the scoring zone, their own puck must replace it, allowing the opponent to earn the removed puck's points.


Shuffleboard is a captivating game that combines precision, strategy, and a touch of finesse. By understanding the rules and honing your skills, you can elevate your shuffleboard experience and compete with friends, family, or even join tournaments. So, gather your pucks, find a smooth table, and embark on a shuffleboard journey filled with excitement, friendly rivalries, and memorable moments. May your slides be smooth, your strategy be on point, and your victory dances be Continue reading

A Ramadan Fitness Guide - Exercising While Fasting

A Ramadan Fitness Guide - Exercising While Fasting

Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and renewal—but it doesn’t have to be a time of physical inactivity. With the right approach, you can keep your body fit and healthy even while fasting. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some tips to incorporate fitness into your routine during the holy month.

Making Time for Exercise During Ramadan

The first step towards keeping fit during Ramadan is to make regular exercise part of your fasting routine. If possible, try to set aside an hour or two each day that you can dedicate to physical activity. This could be in the form of gentle stretching or yoga before Suhoor (the pre-dawn meal), a brisk walk during Iftar (the evening meal), or something more intense like running or weightlifting after Isha (the late evening prayer). Whatever you choose should depend on what works best for your body and lifestyle, so don’t feel pressured to overdo it if it doesn’t feel comfortable.

It might also be helpful to plan ahead and schedule in regular rest days throughout the month. Exercise is great for promoting energy levels and staying healthy, but too much can lead to burnout and fatigue—something that no one wants when they’re already fasting! It’s essential that you listen to your body and give yourself sufficient time to rest and recover between sessions, especially since this will help prevent injuries as well.

Tips for Working Out While Fasting

When exercising while fasting, it’s important to remember that you won’t have access to food or drink throughout the day. This means that hydration is key—drink plenty of fluids before Iftar and make sure you stay well-hydrated afterwards as well. Additionally, try eating foods rich in complex carbohydrates such as whole grains or legumes prior to exercising; these will provide sustained energy without having a major impact on blood sugar levels after eating them. Finally, if possible, avoid strenuous activities before Suhoor; this will help reduce strain on your body first thing in the morning when it may not yet have had enough time to recover from nighttime dehydration.

With some forethought and planning ahead, keeping fit during Ramadan does not have to be complicated—or impossible! By taking care of our bodies through exercise—even while fasting—we can ensure that we stay healthy both mentally and physically throughout the holy month. Remember to drink plenty of fluids before Iftar, eat complex carbohydrates prior to exercising, and give yourself enough time between workouts so that you don't become overly exhausted by pushing yourself too hard every day! And most importantly…have fun! There are plenty of ways you can incorporate fitness into your routine during Ramadan; get creative with it!

Here are our top 6 creative workout accessories to try this Ramadan:

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I always recommend that people listen to their bodies. Our bodies are beautiful machines and they have a great ability to heal themselves and to alert us of what they truly need. I believe that we  devote so much time to our sports and neglect the fact that recovery is just as important for us to advance and progress in our given sport or activity. Continue reading


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The year is drawing to a close and along with that comes our very own anniversary. Ninjoo is turning one year old and as the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun. For the ninjoo team it is time to review the bestsellers and what motivated people to embrace them. So here is a recap of the products that made it into your hearts and into your shopping baskets.  Continue reading