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Whether it’s because you’re working for long hours on your computer or regularly using the sewing machine, your body would definitely be bearing some imbalances and weaknesses.

And one fantastic way that helps eliminate these imbalances and work on strengthening your muscles is Pilates.

Here are some tips on how to use props to assist you with your Pilates practice.


First and foremost, invest in some good products!

   Sometimes, it’s about supporting a specific part of the body that’s not involved in the exercise to avoid tension and pain.

For example when doing a spinal twist, it’s good to prop yourself up on a cushion to avoid tension in the hip flexors.

A good way to do so is by using a good yoga bolster to lift your hips up and give yourself some space to relax your hip flexors and feel supported.





 Strong legs? Yes, please! A good way to make sure we activate our adductors, is to put a yoga block between our knees when doing exercises such as Bridges or even “Crunches”. This helps you focus on keeping your inner thigh muscles activated to make sure the block doesn’t slip and fall.





   Finally, if you feel like you need more challenge, you can always use some elastic bands to add a little extra resistance during exercises such as Clams or Leg Extensions.





Get yourself a couple of bands with different intensities so you could exercise every day and use whichever strength you like depending on how you feel on that given day, some days you would be feeling strong and excited for a challenge. Others, you’ll feel like just doing a workout is an accomplishment.

So set yourself up for success by giving yourself this flexibility. -no pun intended-You can also use elastic bands as support for the abdominals in exercises such as Crunches. Or exercises with the legs extended at 45 degrees by putting the elastic band around your feet and held in your hands.

For these exercises you’ll need the long bands.

This type of bands is a great combination of assistance and resistance depending on how you use them.





   So, there you have it! Some easy and simple tips to help you get the best out of your Pilates session using some great props.