Behind ninjoo is a team of style-minded and fitness conscious people who feel that sporting goods and fitness equipment design have not kept up with the athleisure trends of recent years. We would love to bring more active lifestyle products into our everyday lives, but the standard products out there often lack appealing design or feel too technical for us to bring into our homes.
However, there are creative minds in the industry who are re-writing the rules, setting new standards, challenging conventional expectations and revolutionizing the way sporting goods and equipment look, feel and function.
We truly believe that one product can make a difference and give us the extra motivation we need to enhance our active lifestyle. We want to be a stage for products that are stylish, or high-tech, or regular but have a smart twist; products built with sustainability at heart or a well explained essential. Whichever is likely to inspire you to hydrate more, exercise, engage in sports with family & friends indoor or outdoor and recover better. Our mission is to scan the world to find the right match for you and put it just a few clicks away.
At ninjoo, we care about our consumers and want to offer a PREMIUM shopping experience which we define as providing an easy-to-use website, inspirational content, secure checkout, fast and easy delivery, as well as approachable and responsive customer care.
We believe in UNAPOLOGETIC self-expression. We provide transcending, non-conforming, and innovative products a stage to shine on. We celebrate the creative ways in which consumers redefine the use of athletic products and the content they produce around those.
We aim to INSPIRE. We believe in anchoring fitness and sporting goods in our everyday life through beautiful content that resonates with everyone no matter their gender, age or athletic level.
Finally, we are RELEVANT. We spot trends, we are agile and we are unbound from brand allegiances and industry norms.  We will stay forever evolving and forward looking.