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Remember what it felt like using an airplane to go somewhere? Now remove all that pre-pandemic nostalgia and you will remember that most of the jet-setting isn't that comfortable (unless you belong to the lucky few who get to shut a first class cabin door during their flight).

Sitting upright for hours in a narrow seat, a screaming kid kicking behind you, food that you would normally not eat even if it was served for free, dehydration because water servings are miniscule and flight attendants are not very eager to replenish them, and airport check-in and security routines that keep you standing for hours with the heavy carry on luggage strapped around your neck.

     So by the time you arrive at destination you are done, exhausted, aching, and stressed. When you feel these symptoms at home, most of the times you try to find some remedy but during travel, options are limited (even if you are a dedicated fitness enthusiast who hits the hotel gym right after check-in). But sometimes small items can take you a long way, you just need to remember to pack those as well. Here is our list of five fitness favorites that can help you deal with travel stress.



Hypervolt GO

It packs the oomph of it’s bigger brother/sister Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus but in a fun and travel friendly size. Our absolute favorite to relief muscle ache while, you guessed it, on the go.




PowerDot 2.0

A muscle stimulator does not only relief pain after gym, it is also great for your muscles after a long flight. Its compact size makes it very travel friendly.

PowerDot 2.0 Uno | Red (One Pod) | Powerdot 



B Yoga Silk Sleep Mask

This silk sleep mask is light yet very effective in blocking light out which makes it the quintessential travel accessory.

The Silk Sleep Mask - Marbled Emerald | B Yoga



Stryve Fitness Mini Bands Set

Small and lightweight with a handy travel pouch these bands fit into the tiniest hand luggage and provide you with a quick resistance workout anywhere.

Fitness Mini Bands | Stryve



Tangram Smart Rope

Admittedly, your destination will need an outdoor space or a high ceiling indoor one to use a skipping rope. However, it is easy to take along and the smart app keeps count of your jumps.