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At ninjoo we like to keep our fingers on the pulse of time and during one of our last checks, the pulse reading hinted at TwoTwo. A young Swedish brand that wants its products to be playful and fun as well as professional. We love their view on life that "our bodies need to laugh, joke, and sweat", just as much as their professional rackets, popping color pallet, and minimalistic design. We also love how using their rackets makes you instantly recognizable on (and off) the court. Life is serious enough, it's time to bring some playfulness into the game of padel.


Play Two is the brand's signature padel racket and the result of testing hundreds of rackets, materials, hole patterns, and shape combinations. Play Two is the perfect racket for intermediate skill levels.


- Anti-vibration

The signature heart design cuts off high amplitude/low-frequency vibrations before they migrate down into the handle and your arm. Why? More gentle to the human body and less fatigued arms. 

- The 7°sound
The shape is custom engineered to strike the perfect balance between the center of gravity and the responsiveness of the sweet spot. It uses a smooth mathematical 7-degree curve, optimized for a cleaner and more defined resonance in the striking surface - meaning a much bigger chance of those amazingly smooth hits. But it also creates a unique sound that tells you when you hit the ball right. Over time this will guide you to perfect your game and get more of those oomph hits.

- Non-aerodynamic design

The edges have a sharp design to create a non-laminar airflow - letting you cut through the air just like a Jedi lightsaber when you swing it.

- Finding the sweet spot
The centered hole pattern design with mini holes in the middle provides more (sandy) grip surface between the holes for extra spin control.

- All in on carbon

100% carbon frame and a Carbono 3K impact surface. If you don't know what that means it is enough to know that it is close to magic. 

- Spinning with sand

The striking surface of the racket is equipped with a rugged sand finish for better control and spin when you want to show off your control game.

- Smoothing the leash

Re-designed butt cap to recede deeper inside the handle, minimizing the bending which leads to less shaving of the skin on your wrist.


Core (thickness) 38mm
Weight 360-365 g
Teardrop shape
100% Carbon frame
3K Carbon striking surface


TwoTwo is a young Swedish brand that values the social aspect and the off-court activities with padel tennis just as much as performance and #winning. They recognize that play is a basic human need that we master in childhood but tend to forget in grown-up society. TwoTwo was created to encourage play and competition with revolutionary products in a different mindset.