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There is nothing like a strong handshake to ace that first impression. But there is more to strong hands than just greeting traditions. A firm grip can help your workout be more efficient by giving you better control of your weight lifting routines. The Harbinger Ergo Grip Strength System is designed for whole hand and individual finger strength building at home or on the go. With three different resistance weights you will be surprised how quickly you can develop a killer grip.


Grip strength with 20lb, 40lb and 60lb resistance levels
Ergonomic design with progressive resistance grip
Unique shape is portable and easy to clean


Harbinger was founded in 1988 by fitness enthusiast David McCrane and quickly became the brand of choice for weight lifters and strength trainers worldwide. It all began with an innovative wrist-stabilizing glove, originally intended to mitigate wrist injuries for skateboarders. McCrane quickly realized the benefit of his product for weight lifters and teamed up with 8-time Mr. Olympia body builder Lee Haney to make Harbinger the pioneer for high quality, carefully engineered gloves, belts and strength training accessories.