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Gator is more beginner-friendly than RumbleRoller's deep-tissue rollers, but don't mistake it for a beginner's roller. The advanced features of this roller benefit even the most experienced athlete.


Cross frictional massage is normally done by a massage therapist who uses his thumbs or fingertips to apply short, firm strokes across the muscle fibers. RumbleRoller's Gator is the only foam roller that can grip your skin well enough to mimic this type of massage.

All RumbleRoller materials have been tested by independent laboratories in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008 for lead and phthalates. The CPSIA considers these products to be safe for use by anyone, including children. All RumbleRoller products are also latex-free.e a review.


RumbleRoller is the result of a long-term friendship between Mike, owner of a US manufacturing company and Ron, a motivated athlete. Ron was locked onto the idea of creating a foam roller that would work more effectively on deeper muscle tissue. While early prototypes were too difficult to produce or didn't hold up to heavy use, in early 2009, their persistence paid off.  Mike and Ron discovered new polymers and molding technologies that could help make their dream come true.