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When you love what you do you are defined by passion, patience, persistence, attention to detail, and a natural interest to improve. These are essential qualities of great craftsmanship and the qualities needed to make products that are more than a trading commodity in today's mass-market. Craftsmanship is also a manifestation of cultural heritage passed down from one generation to another.

Why is craftsmanship important to us? 

True craftsmen care about their work in a way a machine doesn't. The limited few that exist in today's fast-paced world dare to care and invest time in improving the quality of their products beyond your average industrial quality control. If you ever held a Bredder Balance Board, you would feel the passion for perfection and aesthetics that went into manufacturing it. From sourcing the best, sustainable birch wood, to the 10-layer construction, to the carefully worked out fingerprint of the wood, the craftsman who produced it wants to give you more than a board: a product you can form a deep connection with.

Also, it would be a sad loss for mankind if skills that were developed and improved over generations were to just disappear one day. Avora Life, now a manufacturer of high-quality beach paddles, has a more than 100-year-old tradition in woodcraft and quality furniture. You can see this tradition in every set of paddles; contemporary design paired with an age-old understanding of material and crafting process required to produce timeless and long-lasting products.


Finally, true craftsmen nowadays have an inherent respect for raw materials and their sustainability. RS Barcelona, award-winning manufacturer of what they call intense living experiences, abides by the philosophy that a product's durability is the essence of sustainability. Their products are made to last, something only skilled craftsmen can achieve and thereby defy today's throwaway mentality.
We at Ninjoo will keep looking out for products that have proudly been created by craftsmen, old and new. 

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