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Style and design are not something you immediately associate with sports accessories but there is a compelling reason why they are important elements. You do not mind keeping them in plain view for all to see and therefore you end up using those accessories more often because their very presence motivates you to use them. A plain case of "not out of sight, not out of mind". With New Year's resolutions in full swing I want to share my 2022 Wishlist items with you and maybe, just maybe they will make it onto your list as well.

This year I am saving up for the RS Barcelona Diagonal Pool Table. Granted, it’s a big ticket item, but the pandemic has made home gatherings much more frequent than in the past and a billiard table at home is the ultimate centerpiece for entertainment. My absolute favorite is the 8-foot black version with the classic green cloth (even though blue tempts me a lot) and with walnut wood legs. This configuration effortlessly blends in whether your home has s a modern or a classic interior and is the ultimate in sophistication and style.

2022 is also the year I am changing my exercise routine and plan to pick up boxing, not because I like physical altercations but because it is a full-body workout that builds strength and endurance. My objects of desire for this come from a brand called Modest Vintage Player, boxing equipment made the good old way by skilled hands using the finest leathers. I prefer things that not everyone has, so while most of the boxing gloves out there are black my objects of desire are the Pro Cream/Brown Leather Boxing Gloves and Focus Pads. While I am at it I'll throw in the Heritage Brown Leather Duffle Bag to carry the equipment around in style.

Unfortunately, this editor does not have unlimited funds to go any wilder on the 2022 Wishlist so I have added some items that likely will make the transition from Wishlist to shopping bag first. One of the objects that left a lasting quality impression on me when I first held it in my hands is the ShakeSphere Protein Shaker Tumbler Steel, and my favorite is hands down the Copper version. I love the no-mixing-ball design which means less to clean, and its packaging is so nice that it makes a perfect item for gifting. Actually, it is so perfect for gifting that I need to make sure my friends do not find out they are all getting the same present…

You have probably heard of the Padel Tennis craze that is going around which seems to pick up fanatic following. This squash-like high energy sport is on my try list for this year and I wouldn't be a ninjoo editor if I didn't opt for the unusual rackets from Nordicdots. I tend to minimalism and Nordicdots racket designs stand out because of their complete absence of bold patterns and oversized brand logos. My personal object of desire is the Pro Series Carbon Black which is unlike any racket I have seen out there.

My dining table has been screaming for a use other than eating and its misuse as a desk during the home office period, and The Art of Ping Pong has just what I need to transform it into a temporary game table. The Ping Pong Set ZigZag Sunset is just what the doctor ordered and is an excellent creative break when writer's block heads my way. 


The last item to go on my Wishlist, and I'm really running out of budget now, is the Bredder Balance Board. Mobility and balance are key to looking young as you grow older. Only after researching balance exercises on the Internet did I fully grasp the benefits of balance exercises at home. My favorite among those boards is the Elani Shorty, the fact that they are handmade in Germany gives me goosebumps; honestly, there are not many sports accessories still being produced in Germany and Bredder Boards show that in their unbelievable quality of craftsmanship.

Ok, I was not completely honest, there is one more item on my Wishlist, and probably the first item that will cross the line into the shopping bag. The new upgraded version of the Hypervolt, the Hypervolt 2, has achieved ultimate-object-of-desire status. Most of you will be familiar with this percussion massage gun so I won't go into the reasons why it is on my Wishlist, but suffice it to say that once you have one, you cannot live without it.


I have maxed out my 2022 budget now and will stop adding to the list. As a thank you for sticking with my article and reading to the end, I have asked the ninjoo team for a discount code for all products mentioned in the article. Use EDITOR15 during check-out to get a 15% discount on the products in my Wishlist. The code is valid until 31st of January 2022. Have a great year everyone.



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