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WaterRower | Walnut Wood

7,495 AED

How many movie stars have entered your home? Here is one that entered ours and we were star-struck. Meet WaterRower, a rowing machine with a movie career which raised it to stardom in Netfilx's House of Cards. When Claire Underwood gifted the rower to Frank she kicked off a public discussion about its symbolism of power, control, and determination.

But Hollywood drama aside—The Waterrower isn't just another pretty face (or sleek wooden frame, in this case). Nope, it's a serious piece of fitness equipment designed to give you a killer full-body workout without ever leaving your living room. Thanks to its unique water resistance system, every stroke feels smooth and natural, just like rowing on an actual body of water. Plus, the soothing sound of splashing water adds a zen-like quality to your sweat session—perfect for drowning out the chaos of daily life or the latest political scandal. Don't let its elegant design fool you—this machine means business when it comes to burning calories and building muscle. Whether you're a seasoned rowing pro or a total newbie, the WaterRower offers adjustable resistance to challenge every fitness level.

But hey, if it's good enough for Frank Underwood, it definitely gets our Academy Award for Best Object of Desire. Who knows, maybe you'll even feel inspired to plot your own path to world domination—just don't forget to stretch first.


Dimensions: 210x56x53 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Made in: USA
Monitor: S4 Performance Monitor
Wood: Solid American Walnut
Frame finish: Danish Oil
Warranty: 2 years


WaterRower was designed in the mid-80s by Yale and US National Team Rower John Duke who formed WATERROWER Inc in 1988 in Rhode Island, in the North Eastern United States. The company's American headquarters continues to be based in Rhode Island, in the small coastal town of Warren.

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