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Sprintbok v2

30,599 AED

We said it before and we are saying it again: we love products that celebrate craftsmanship. When something is made in Germany you immediately know that the country's legacy results in the highest standard of quality. Nohrd home gym equipment transcends this legacy by adding an aesthetic that literally motivates you to follow your daily fitness routine. If Nohrd fitness equipment had feelings you would not want to disappoint it by not using it.

The Sprintbok treadmill is ready to show its curvy proportions on the world's fitness catwalks. Beautiful to look at but equally as functional from a comfortable walk to an all-out sprint, runners can fully determine their pace according to their personal running capacity. The belt which consists of flexible wooden slats and moves on precision German ball bearings is exclusively powered by the user’s legs, no motor! This means it is MAINTENANCE-FREE! Yes, we couldn't believe it either but no belt-tightening, greasing of parts, or motor failures. And that's why we like Made in Germany.


Dimensions in cm
(L x W x H) 180 x 86 x 175
Weight in kg 160


Born in the heart of Germany, Nohrd is a brand that combines the country's legacy of cutting-edge engineering, innovative design, and unrivalled craftsmanship to produce fitness equipment of the highest quality. With a passion for fitness and a conscience for sustainable and renewable resources, Nordh is on a mission to bring functional and durable fitness equipment with high aesthetic value to the world.

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