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PowerDot 2.0 Uno | Red, 1 Pod

875 AED

We like our muscle stimulators tested, professional, and effective and PowerDot provides just that. Actually, PowerDot is the smartest of them all because it connects via Bluetooth to a mobile app that controls 12+ electric muscle stimulation programs designed for specific application areas. Whether you are looking for pain relief (think back pain), post-workout muscle recovery stimulation, or just a hands-free massage, this is the device you never knew you needed but then will not be able to live without.

PowerDot is very easy to use and the app guides you through everything you need to know. The app is connected wirelessly to the pods which hook up to two electrodes via a cable and then use sticky pads to attach to your leg, arm, back, torso, etc. to deliver electric stimulation that massages your muscles. If you want to work on both sides of your body simultaneously you need the PowerDot DUO which has two pods (best for training and recovery).

Stimulation programs include light, active, extended recovery, massage, and warm-up, workouts for muscle or strength endurance, resistance, strength, or explosive strength. You can also target specific issues like ankle or light back pain.

-Recover faster
-Massage out knots
-Avoid training fatigue
-Relieve muscle & joint soreness
-Increase muscle strength & endurance
-Increase blood circulation
-Warm-up muscles to prevent injury
-Feel your best


-1x PowerDot red pods
-1x Set of red electrode pads
-1x Set of lead cables (10 cm & 30 cm)
-1x Micro USB charging cable
-Durable carrying case
-Instruction manual
-Free mobile app download


PowerDot is the world's first Smart Muscle Stimulator™. An app-controlled TENS/NMES (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation/Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation) device that aims to provide access to technologies that allow you to improve athletic performance, relieve pain, and rehabilitate from injury from the comfort of your home.


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