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The year is drawing to a close and along with that comes our very own anniversary. Ninjoo is turning one year old and as the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun. For the ninjoo team it is time to review the bestsellers and what motivated people to embrace them. So here is a recap of the products that made it into your hearts and into your shopping baskets. 

Granted a billiard table is not exactly your average quick check out item, still the RS Barcelona Diagonal Pool Table made it to the top of your list. So what is it that made this table so popular? If you are passionate about playing pool, and have the space, there is no better choice than this modern version of an old classic. With its award-winning design, the Diagonal Pool Table stands out among its peers and is a perfect fit for stylish, modern living/public spaces. Don't let its good looks confuse you, it is a professional billiard table designed by experts. We were very happy to interact with our customers to find their ideal color and wood configuration (as if it was going into our own homes). 

Another 21st century re-interpretation of an old classic that made its way to your shopping baskets was the Tangram Smart Skipping Rope. Its sleek, minimalistic design combined with the smart features of a connected app brings fun and structure to your skipping exercise. Keep track of your jumps and all related data, or challenge your friends to a competition and record everyone's performance even if you are miles apart. What's more? The LED version creates a hologram style display of your jumping data in mid-air. Definitely an eye-catcher.

Chance basket balls (and not only basketballs) were a hit with ninjoo customers young and old. Their vibrant designs spread joy beyond the actual game and brighten your day by just looking at them. As it turned out, Chance balls were one of the most popular gifting items on the site, and made for fail-proof presents every time. Need a gift? Chances are that Chance is it.

To be or not to be, ShakeSphere's performance this year was stellar. All across the GCC ShakeSphere protein shakers and water bottles seemed to have rocked our customers' world. The shakers with their innovative, no mixing ball, design emerged as one of the most popular items for your pre- or post-gym workout, and the water bottles with their sleek designs made their way everywhere you needed to carry water. 

What will 2022 bring? We will make sure to recap at the end of next year but meanwhile: May all your dreams come true!

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