There is no such thing as guilt-free consumption, even our most mundane daily choices (think waste disposal) have an impact on the world, our environment, and persons around us. Many of us strive to improve as persons, products, or organizations but it is often very easy to dismiss our own impact in contributing to sustainable consumption. No matter how little we each contribute, when aggregated to society level our individual actions produce results. The 21-year-old third millennium will be the age when humanity transitions from carefree consumption to a smarter, more environment friendly way of approaching everyday life. As a global society we are still far away from leading a totally sustainable life but hey, the first flight of the Wright brothers only lasted 12 seconds and 36 meters and 120 years later we can take showers over the Atlantic (yeah, I know…not exactly a sustainability example but it shows the progress mankind can make when we put our minds to it).

At ninjoo we try to embrace sustainability any way we can and we know that we are far from perfect but Rome was not built in a day, and in the end long-term developments are all about the right mindset, and that ninjoo has. When we look for products we always look at the story behind them, their creators and the passion these individuals put into realizing them, and one passion that always catches our eye is sustainability. Especially when it comes to the luxury segment we believe products have a responsibility to leave as small a footprint as possible on earth since by definition they are…well luxury. 

Sustainability can have different faces, sometimes not easily recognized as such. RS Barcelona, for example, sees durability of a product as the essence of sustainability and their commitment to the planet and society is to manufacture top-quality, hard-wearing items through environmentally friendly production processes that last a lifetime. Bredder, a small brand from Germany known for its high-quality handmade balance boards, uses only regional and certified suppliers, and embraces a holistic sustainability approach down to the corrugated cardboard packaging that ensures there is no plastic in the entire production journey. The Swedish paddle/tennis brand Nordicdots, in true Scandinavian spirit, makes a point of respecting the environment and its inhabitants and therefore incorporates sustainable eco-friendly innovations in everything they do. They go as far as recently endorsing tennis player Andrey Kuznetsov from Russia because he is an ardent advocate of sustainability and eco-friendly innovations. 

Ninjoo’s take on sustainability: one small step for each one of us, one giant leap for mankind (credit to the first man on the moon).

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