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Please introduce yourself

    My name is Osama Alowaish and I am an Exercise Physiologist currently completing my PHD in Exercise Physiology at Columbia University. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Arizona State University in 2003. I later on followed my passion for Sports and Exercise Testing by completing my Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology where I was lucky enough to test the Liverpool Football Team during their pre-season fitness tests. Having a degree in Engineering and a passion for sports, rehabilitation and recovery, I am an avid user for recovery devices and a firm believer in the usage of these devices to prevent injury and provide a means for faster recovery from physical activity and exercise.

    If you could only give 1 piece of advice to people when it comes to their recovery what would it be?

      I always recommend that people listen to their bodies. Our bodies are beautiful machines and they have a great ability to heal themselves and to alert us of what they truly need. I believe that we  devote so much time to our sports and neglect the fact that recovery is just as important for us to advance and progress in our given sport or activity. The more I get into the field of Exercise Physiology and learn more about how the body adapts to exercise on all levels (cellular, molecular and even physiological) I realize how much power and resiliency our bodies have in terms of adaptation to exercise.

      What are you go-to products for prevention and why?

         For prevention, my go-to products are:

        • Hyperice massage guns: I use the massage gun on the go to awaken my muscles pre-volleyball or gym session. I use it for 30 to 60 seconds per muscle group to allow my muscles to wake up and warm up before my sessions. The guns are lightweight and mobile enough for me to take them anywhere with me.
        • Hyperice X Knee: This device allows for a quick and easy contrast therapy session delivering hot and cold sensations in harmony to my knees. Both hot and cold therapies are easy on the knees and allow for a comfortable release for my knees. This device conforms to your knee’s shape and size and allows you to move and even perform various movements while wearing this products unlike other rigid recovery devices in the past. This device also connects to the Hyperice app seamlessly allowing me to use various pre-installed programs for recovery and injury prevention.
        • Venom Shoulder Wearable Heat and Vibration Wrap: I especially like this product as it allows me to warm up my shoulder as I go to my weekly volleyball games. It is easy to install myself and allow me to warm up my shoulder by means of heat and vibration simultaneously to allow for better movement and blood flow to my should during my volleyball games.
        What are your go-to products for recovery and why?
          • Normatec Compression Boots: I love this product for recovery as it allows for efficient lymphatic drainage in the convenience of my home. Due to the heavy loads of jumps associated with playing volleyball, I tend to feel that my legs are sore and heave after playing for a long period of time. This device has allowed me to play more often without feeling this sore between games.
          • Hyperice Massage guns: I use the massage gun before and after exercise, but after an exercise session, I use the gun for 2 to 3 minutes per muscle group to allow for recovery and relaxation. Massage guns are easy to carry and I can do these session anywhere I like.
          • Venom Back Wearable Heat and Vibration Wrap:  I like to use this wrap after volleyball games as it allows for muscle relief and relaxation for my back. I am currently working on building my core muscles, but always complain of back pain after a volleyball game due to jumping so much during my games. I find that that this wrap helps release my back muscle and allow for better movement and recovery.
          How can people find you if they need your expertise?

            I have recently started a running studio with my partners (@therunningstudio) where we offer personalized running programs that are safe and personal for runners of all levels following various tests and in alignment with various international experts in the fields of nutrition, strength and conditioning and running training.

            I can also be contacted mainly by Instagram @oalowaish. My dream is to start a rehabilitation and exercise testing clinic in the near future.

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